Review: WOW2 from Sugar Bytes

So we’ve looked at the technical part of the WOW2 filter, the ins and outs. On this page we’ll go more into the design aspect, who it’s best for, and some other stuff.

WOW2 Design

I know some people couldn’t care less about the design of a plugin, but there are others who do. So I’ll give my thoughts on it.

The WOW2 is well laid-out and easy to understand. The symbols make sense, and nothing is overly confusing. There will be things that don’t make sense at first sight, and you’ll have to read the manual to really understand them. This really isn’t a huge issue though.

It’s pleasant to work with visually. One thing I really like is the little diagrams that provide a visual representation of whatever you’re doing, whether it’s increasing the wet/dry or adding some more distortion. I personally find it’s quicker to glance at these diagrams rather than check to see whereabouts the knob is.

For some, the preset browser may be a little hard to read; but overall it’s easy to navigate.

I’d open this plugin in my DAW just to show it off.

Ease of Use

I got a hold on this plugin fairly quickly. Like any filter, there are things that will always be there (cutoff, resonance, etc). I worked out how to affect my sound, played around with the distortion, and did a little modulation.

I felt as if I was only just tapping into the full potential, and sure enough I was. After reading the manual cover to cover, and spending a few more hours with it – I found that there was indeed a lot of features in the WOW2.

I would say that although it’s very intuitive and easy to understand at first, it’s worth reading the manual just to consolidate what you already know, or maybe learn a bit more.

Sound Quality

I’ve used a few filters in my time, and the WOW2 filter is right up there with them. I love the sound of the default filter (030) and also the sat filters.

Even the distortion sounds great! It’s got a certain warmth that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Of course, it could all be in my head – but I have to commend Sugar Bytes here as they’ve done a great job in terms of sound quality. I would even consider using this for simple filter work such as lowpassing a drum loop.

If you’re skeptical, why not download the demo and hear for yourself?

Who’s it for?

I have to say, if you’re brand new to producing then you might find this thing a little confusing. Especially if you’re not sure what a filter does. On the other hand, it’ll come in handy later!

I would say that intermediate and experienced producers will both benefit greatly from this plugin. It’s an insane tool and will really give you an edge when it comes to sound design.

All in all, if you know what filters are, you’ll find this useful in one way or another.

In terms of genres I do believe that some producers will get more out of it, especially in bass music genres – but there are certainly features that can be applicable to any genre. I liked using it on mellow pads and also delays and reverbs, funnily enough.


I think the plugin speaks for itself, and fortunately there is a demo version available on the Sugar Bytes website.

If you’re looking to take your sound design to the next level, or need an extra plugin for your prized FX chain – then this is the thing for you. The design, sound quality, and unique features make this plugin stand out for me.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that you get a tonne of presets, which are not only great for education, but also inspiration when you’re feeling a little lazy.

The WOW2 is priced fairly at $99 (US) and can be purchased here.

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