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🚀 Song Finishing Accelerator 🚀

Start & Finish 4 Original Songs in 4 Weeks

"This system WORKS.
I became more comfortable sharing my work with other people, and their invaluable feedback helped me improve from the previous day.
Not only did I come away with a library of music - I came away with new friends and an expanded skill set. The cohort got me farther along than I could have alone in a vacuum.
Sign up, put in the work every day and watch yourself grow by leaps and bounds."
Celina Tang



Get prepared during onboarding day and then dive into your first song starting on.


4 weeks (28 Days)

Go through the entire prodution process from start to finish. Focus on output and progress (not perfection). 


4 Finished Original Songs

Come away at the end of the month with 4 tracks that are polished, unique, and release-ready.


All Experience Levels

Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced—the Song Finishing Accelerator will level up your creative output and help you grow.


How the Song Finishing Accelerator works 🚀

The Song Finishing Accelerator is a 4-week live, interactive online program that runs for 28 days.
Our goal is to give you the training, resources, and guidance to help you finish 4 original songs in 4 weeks.
It won’t be easy, but it will be one of the best things you can do for your music career. Here’s why:
  1. You’ll develop the lifelong habit of finishing. After the course, you’ll have the skills, tactics and confidence to go ahead and be a prolific producer.
  2. You’ll be able to transform the unfinished ideas sitting around on your computer into real, finished songs.
  3. You’ll have something tangible to show for all your effort.
The most important thing you can do as part of Song Finishing Accelerator is the assignments: working on a project each week and finishing it—no matter how “good” it sounds to you.
But the core content of the course, The Song Finishing Engine, is what we’ll be teaching on the live sessions (aside from the feedback sessions).

What you get inside 👀

#1: 8 Interactive Live Sessions (2x Week)


Our team will teach the core content of the course in 2 live sessions per week over the upcoming 4 weeks. Each live session is 90 minutes and will be hosted over Zoom. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry. Each live session is recorded and can be watched back.
The structure of each live session is:
  • 60-90 mins of teaching + individual exercises
  • Q&A in the remaining time
  • Onboarding Call 🚀
  • Overcoming Mindset 🧠
  • Conquer Your Workflow & Environment 🏔
  • Idea Generation Training 💡
  • Developing Your Hook 🎶
  • The Fast Way to Build an Engaging Song Arrangement 🎧
  • Surprise & Delight Your Listeners ✨
  • How to Nail the Last 10% 🎛
  • Debrief Call ✅
*times are subject to change based on time zone preferences of each cohort

#2: Weekly Projects


This is the most important part of the course.
Each week, we’ll set a project assignment so that by the end of the course you’ll have finished 4 original songs that you can share with family and friends, and even release to the world.
These projects will be theme-based, but you are more than welcome to “take the reigns” so to speak, and deviate from the theme.
The projects are completed using the IDAR System (more on this soon) so you can effectively generate ideas, develop them to a high level, flesh them out into a full arrangement and refine them into a professional, finished track.

#3: 1-on-1 Expert Feedback (x4)


Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to get personalised feedback on your track from one of the EDMProd team members.
This is a 5 to 10-min video where we record ourselves listening to your track and giving advice/pointers.
You can ask for this at any time during the week, but we strongly recommend you do it near the end of your project (feedback becomes most valuable when you’re at the 80-90% stage).
*We can only offer personalized feedback once per week, so keep this in mind.

#4: The SFA Community & Group Feedback


Not only do we offer personalised 1-on-1 feedback for each project, but if you want to get feedback as you’re working on your project, the best way to do so is by asking within your small group.
On enrollment, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated group of 5 producers that will help you level up together (rather than getting buried amongst 100’s of others).
You’ll also be a part of the larger Song Finishing Accelerator community, where you’ll be able to see how everyone is approaching their songs, get inspiration for new ideas and fill in those knowledge gaps.

#5: Training Library


Inevitably, you’ll encounter specific problems and weaknesses along the journey of the Song Finishing Accelerator. 
So you’ll need on-demand resources to help combat these problems.
This is where you’ll find the recorded live training sessions along with a library of extra tutorials and resources that will help you with finishing songs.
We will also be developing these as we go, which means they’re adapted to your specific problems.

#6: 1-On-1 Private Sessions


If you enroll as an Elite student, you’ll get 4x 1-on-1 sessions with Luca or Aden – one per week. Each session goes for 60 minutes.
In these sessions, we’ll be detailing the program to your specific needs, working with you to not only finish your tracks each week but take them to an extremely professional level.
We’ll be there to answer your specific questions, give detailed feedback and demonstrate anything you need!

If you're like 99% of producers, this is you 👇

If you’re a music producer, you likely struggle with one of these:


You feel inspired sometimes, and enjoy sitting down and making music when this inspiration hits… but when you’re not inspired, nothing happens. You can’t seem to create at will.


You get stuck in the loop phase and can’t arrange and structure your track. Taking your idea from good to great seems impossible because there are so many options.


You always abandon the project when it gets to the last 10-20% because it’s not worth finishing. You think ‘I’ll wait until my next idea is better’, but it’s never quite there…

As frustrating as these can be, you’re only human. Every producer ever has struggled with these same things.

In fact, we asked people joining our Facebook group what they struggle with the most. Here’s the data…

So trust me when I say you’re not alone.

And finishing is something everyone will struggle with at one point.

Because once you learn how to start, then you have to learn how to progress.

And once you’ve done that, you have to learn how to finish.

But why are these three things so damn hard to overcome?

Behind all three of these things are one common enemy – resistance.

Resistance leads to the empty DAW…

…instead of this…

So how did these producers overcome this resistance?

The real reason you need to finish more songs 🏆

Incredible music is the barrier to entry

Finishing music is the one skill needed to make moves in the music industry. 

Without it:

If you want to do things, whether it’s building a career or just being a good producer, you NEED to finish music. There is no shortcut.

But finishing feels hard. If it were easy, every producer would release music consistently enough to win big.

Resistance gets in the way.

And you’ve believed the lie that all you need is motivation. But that hasn’t worked.

Trust me – I’ve done the same.

How I finished 52 tracks in one year 🔊

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

There IS a way you can start & finish unique, high-quality music. Rapidly.

And it kicks resistance’s ass.

You need a system. Something that guarantees you can finish a LOT of music while not sacrificing on creativity or enjoyment.

The good news is that this system DOES exist.

In fact, it addresses all 3 of the above issues – Starting, Progressing & Finishing.

It’s how pro producers don’t have to wait for inspiration to finish when there is a deadline to meet:

How else do producers like Martin Garrix put out a track every few weeks?

And I’ve road-tested this system. It’s how I consistently made 52 tracks in 2020, was able to release way more music, and watched my streams grow rapidly as a result.

Before I could finish music, I had nothing to show the world.

But using a system, I was able to create a pool of finished music that labels wanted to sign.

And last year, I hit over 100k streams on Spotify for the first time…

So, what is this system?

Introducing The IDAR System 🔁

Idea | Develop | Arrange | Refine

The IDAR System is exactly what we use inside the Song Finishing Accelerator to help students finish one song every week.

You follow the 4 steps at a different point in the week as you work on your track.

And the best part? This system is fully flexible. It allows you to be creative, while still directing you on the path to finished, quality music.

Here’s a quick rundown:



Coming up with good-quality original ideas that you’re proud of. The chords, melodies and basslines. The sounds you choose. The main hook.



Improving the quality of your ideas. Changing sounds, layering new things in, doing a rough balance, and fleshing out your full loop.



Going from a loop to full arrangement. Creating sections, building tension and release, creating changes over time, automation and pattern changes.



The last 10%, tweaking parameters slightly, the final mixdown and master, EQing, compressing and much more.

Quantity leads to quality

How many melodic anthems has San Holo made?

How many techno bangers has Charlotte de Witte made?

How many trap beats has RL Grime made?

No – not just the 100+ released songs each. I’m also talking about the ones you never heard that are still sitting somewhere on their hard drive.

My bet? Hundreds, if not thousands.

Sounds reasonable?

Then it’s no surprise they’re such ‘talented’ producers.

(Even though it’s all hard work and very little talent).

That’s because finishing a lot will lead to improving your quality a lot:

The good news? There is a package you can sign up for today that directly implements the IDAR System, and focuses on quantity, so that you can finish high-quality music consistently.


🚀 Song Finishing Accelerator 🚀

The Song Finishing Accelerator is a 4-week live, interactive online program.


Meet the Instructors 🧠

Aden Russell

Aden Russell is an accomplished producer and general manager at EDMProd. 

He has over 10 years of music production experience, and currently releases drum & bass under the alias Artsea. 

He’s also created two of our most popular courses: Breakthrough Sound Design and Drums By Design.

Luca Bade

Luca Bade is our in-house student success manager.

He’s also an experienced artist and producer releasing music under his BADEO alias. Beyond that, he’s co-founded a record label and plays multiple instruments.

If you’re a fan of our YouTube channel, you’ll know Luca is also an excellent teacher. 

Sam Matla

Sam Matla is the founder & director of EDMProd.

He’s been producing music for 12+ years and is passionate about helping other artists and producers optimize their workflow and creative habits to achieve their goals faster than they think is possible.

Sam is also the author of the popular Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity.

You also get access to the following bonuses to take your production game to the next level

Private Discord For Alumni (Lifetime Access)

This isn’t a one-time community. Get access to our private Discord for Alumni where you can continue to grow, share and become a hyper-skilled producer. Meet previous and new cohorts of SFA students.

7-Day Song Finishing System (Coming Soon)

Want everything you learn in SFA to be wrapped up into one repeatable package? That’s exactly what the 7-Day Song Finishing Plan is.

Find Your Sound (One-Time Offer)

Take control of your sound with our framework for channeling your unique inspiration. Follow a proven path to discovering and implementing the sounds that truly represent you.


Don’t like it? Doesn’t help? Get your money back. 

If you give the Song Finishing Accelerator an honest try for the first week, and you’re still not satisfied with it, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund as long as you’ve enrolled in the last 7 days. 

Email: [email protected]

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Got questions?

A finished song is something that is final. It’s fully arranged, mixed and has some sort of mastering (we’ll be using a basic mastering chain inside the program).

At the start of the week, you’ll generate the idea, and throughout the week you’ll spend time developing it into the final product.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you define a finished song. The only real constraint is that you finish something every week, and that you feel that it’s done.

The Song Finishing Accelerator is an extremely valuable experience (not a “course”), and for this price, we believe the results you get will exceed your expectations.

You’ll be getting direct input from experienced producers in the form of live sessions, feedback and if you’re going for the Elite package, 1-on-1 sessions.

Not every music creator has hours to spare each day.

That’s why we’ve kept the Song Finishing Accelerator simple.

One finished song per week, for four weeks. You can spend as long as you need to each week on a track, but we recommend following the IDAR System outlined inside.

Yes, it will require consistent effort and maybe some adjustments in your schedule, but the benefits gained from this habit are powerful.

Outside of the weekly projects and live sessions, there is the community and training library that you can use for as long as needed.

If you know absolutely nothing about music production, we recommend starting with a course like EDM Foundations first.

You’ll also create 4 pre-made tracks, but we’ll step you through the entire process so you’re not left in the dark.

However, if you’ve been producing for a few weeks or months and understand the basics, then making 4 originals in 4 weeks is an extremely powerful way to learn and improve rapidly.

We recommend this to artists and producers of any skill level.

While we try our best to accommodate for multiple timezones, we know it doesn’t work for everyone.

That said, we record each and every live video session so you can watch back later.

If you need a question answered, you can always ask one of us in the community platform, or send one in advance of the video call so we can answer on there (for you to watch during the recording).

We plan to run these cohorts every few months, but can’t guarantee when the next one will be.

If you really can’t make it this time, no worries. If you’re sitting on the fence, join!

We truly believe in this program. The same principles have worked for me and 100’s of other producers. Plus, we’re investing heaps of time into your personal development.

For this program, we offer a 100% 7-day money back guarantee. That way you have a week to see if it’s the right fit or not. If not, we’ll refund you completely.

Of course, if you wish to get your money back before the cohort starts, we’ll refund you 100% too, or give you access to the next cohort.

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