Why Sign Up to the Newsletter?

I get it, there’s nothing worse than having an email inbox with 90% spam, 10% ‘readable’ emails, and 2% useful emails. Which is why you’re on this page anyway, you know that. You’re hesitant about giving your email address away or signing up for something because you value your email inbox. I’m exactly the same, but I still think you should sign up to the newsletter and here are 5 reasons why:

1. You Become Part of the EDMProd Family

This website has over 100 newsletter subscribers and counting. It’s an awesome way to get involved with the site and share your thoughts (I ask for feedback quite a lot, so YOU have some say in the direction the website goes).

I highly value the newsletter subscribers and do my best to make subscribing worth it. You’re not just a ‘number’, by joining the newsletter – you’re a part of the community.

2. Stay in the Loop

It’s easy to get bogged down with life and forgetting to check your favorite websites (EDMProd is one of your favorites, right?) can be a result of this.

But signing up to the newsletter means you’ll be reminded of all the important articles posted on this site. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get an email every time an article is published, but quite often you’ll get one right after an article is published.

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3. Email Courses

As of 2014 I’ve decided to do email courses. Basically a series of emails about a specific topic used as an educational tool. It’s insider access that you won’t get elsewhere, and it’s sent straight to your inbox so you can’t ignore it!

Here are a few ideas for upcoming email courses:

  • 10 Days to Better Creativity
  • Better Mixing
  • Making… money from production?

Why pass up the opportunity to learn?

4 Conversation


Did you think I just ignored everyone’s emails?

No, I do my best to reply. Occasionally at the end of the email I’ll ask a question, I’ll ask for people to simply reply to the email with their thoughts, and it’s awesome. By being a newsletter subscriber you’ll have direct access to my inbox too, so if you’ve ever got the odd question – just flick it through!

5. Free Stuff

I’m not even joking.

Signing up to the newsletter gives you a nifty little PDF containing 5 productivity tips for music production, and you also get a bonus little FX pack.

Along with that, I’ll give away random stuff from time to time. Ableton racks, samples, who knows?

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My Take on Spam

With over 1000 email subscribers, it’s hard to please everyone.

In spite of that, SPAM is something I hate. I rarely send more than 3 emails a week, in fact I probably never have. I also respect your privacy and never give your information out to anyone. 

If, on the odd case, you think I’m too spammy, then you can simply unsubscribe! No harm done.

Still Not Convinced?

It’s helpful, it’s free, and it’s reversible.

If that’s not convincing then I don’t know what is!

But seriously, don’t sweat it. If you’re not happy subscribing to the newsletter then I understand wholeheartedly. You’re always welcome to change your mind, though.