The Foolproof Strategy for Artist Evolution

On the previous page I shared the story of how I took up music production, quit, and then got back into it.

What I didn’t share was the biggest mistake I made during those first 6 months (before quitting).

The mistake? Trying to produce great songs.

“Wait, Sam… What the hell? How is that a mistake? Shouldn’t that be EVERY producer’s goal?”


And no.

Ultimately, producing great music should be your goal. You should want to write and produce unique, tasteful music that you’re proud to release.

But producing great music is not the mechanism that moves you toward your goal.

In other words: you do not produce great songs by producing great songs.

You produce great songs by producing MANY songs.

Put simply: Quality comes from quantity.

And this isn’t limited to the world of music production. You can see it everywhere:

And so on.

It’s clear. If you want to improve in the fastest way possible, you should focus on producing a large quantity of music (instead of trying to make a quality song every time).

That means instead of spending weeks or months on one project, you should spent just a few days on each project. (If you can produce one song every dayβ€”even better).

There are many reasons why this is the best strategy, but there’s one reason in particular that stands out…

By focusing on quantity over quality, you develop stronger “mental maps.”

These mental maps compound, enabling you to learn and grow your skills at a much faster rate than you could otherwise.

I’ll go over this concept of mental maps on the next page.

After that, I’ll explain how you can use the quantity approach, combined with mental maps, to grow as an artist at rapid speed.

P.S. Back to the talent thing…

I don’t think natural talent really exists. If it does, it’s overrated.

But if you could create talent, the best way to do so would be through this quantity-first approach.

Finish often. Finish fast. Move on.

Don’t get hung up on trying to make a hit.

This is the methodology we focus on in our beginner’s course (EDM Foundations).

4 songs. 4 weeks.

No mucking around. No trying to create a masterpiece. Just a solid quantity of work.

And maybe that’s why many our students come out the other side feeling confident, driven, and optimistic about the road that lies ahead.

It’s a good fit if you’ve been producing for less than two years (or longer but feel like you’ve got off to a shaky start).

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