How to take your unfinished project files and turn them into powerful production elements that you can use to finish more music ( your projects don’t go to waste)

You'll learn the processes and techniques to...

  • Finish those pesky projects that have been sitting at 90% done so you can finally release them
  • Creatively leverage your unfinished projects (even those you know you’ll never finish) to build your own internal sample library
  • Identify which projects are worth grinding through and finishing and which projects you should salvage and use for something else
  • Extract the GOOD and re-fix the BAD so no unfinished project (no matter how poorly done) goes to waste

TL;DR: This masterclass is designed to help you utilize and leverage all your unfinished projects by helping you finish the ones worth finishing, and extracting the best material from the ones you can’t or won’t finish.

How to deal with unfinished projects the right way

I have NEVER met a producer who doesn’t have dozens (if not hundreds) of incomplete projects sitting on their hard drive. 

It’s normal, so don’t feel guilty.

But what should not be normal is the fact that producers do nothing about it. These projects sit there for years on end, doing nothing for them. 

Sure, the odd project may get opened once every few months. Maybe it even gets finished. But most of the projects remain dormant, never to see the light, and never to be released. 

Here’s the truth: if you do nothing with those projects, the only way they’ve helped you is as a learning tool. 

That’s it. 

Maybe you learned a few techniques while working on those projects, but if you never use them again—all your hard work stands for nothing.

Unless you do the opposite and leverage them to create even better music now

And that’s what the Project Extraction Masterclass is all about. 

Over 5 modules, you’ll discover the 5-step process that we use internally to get the most from our unfinished projects…

Module #1: Project & File Organization

Creative = messy. 9 times out of 10.

One of the reasons producers find themselves drowning in unfinished projects is because they have no system for organizing them. 

  • They don’t have a scheme for naming their project files. As such, they find it near impossible to locate them again when they need them most. 
  • They have no folder system set-up for the composition -> arrangement -> mixing workflow. They have to physically open each project file to know how far through they are. 
  • They often lose good ideas and projects by accidentally deleting them (or, like the first bullet point—forgetting the name of the project and not being willing to sift through dozens of projects to find it). 

The first step in the Project Extraction process is to correctly name, identify and organize your projects so you can work through them in a systematic fashion. 

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The high-level 3-folder system for organizing your projects so you can track your level of output and how productive you are
  • The simple project-naming technique that keeps you motivated and inspired to work on projects quickly and effectively (without worrying about making mistakes due to version control)
  • Project notes: the hidden benefit of note-taking for each project you work on (and how to do it properly without it becoming a burden)

Module #2: Focus to Finish

We estimate at least 30% of unfinished projects have the potential to be good releases. 

I’m sure if you went to your production folder right now, you’d be able to pinpoint 3-4 projects that you know have great potential and are almost finished (around 90% done). 

Problem is, you don’t know how to get them to 100%. 

The second step in the Project Extraction process is not about extraction at all, it’s about identifying the winning projects and hustling to get them finished. 

Most producers fail at this stage because they wait for inspiration to finish their projects. That inspiration never comes, and so those projects never get finished.

We’ll show you a better way…

  • How to GRIND like a professional and finish the projects you know are solid but frustrate you the most
  • The “Carve, Consolidate & Create” process to find the hidden musical gems in each project and turn them into completed songs
  • Our internal Song Finishing checklist that ensures a high level of production quality and gives you a repeatable task-list for finishing strong with each project

Module #3: Extraction Part 1 - Core Ideas

After you’ve identified the projects that are nearly finished (at 90%), it’s time to work through projects that are not close to being finished (20-50%). 

This is where the magic happens.

You’ll identify the best elements in each project, and then turn that project into what we call a Foundation Project.

A Foundation Project is a barebones project that contains a KILLER musical idea, maybe a solid groove, but not much else.

It has enough musical content to spark inspiration and get you going, but it’s not overbearing. It doesn’t have 40+ channels that make you feel overwhelmed each time you open it.

Our goal at this stage is to convert as many projects as possible into Foundational Projects, ready to be worked on at any time. 

There are a ton of hidden benefits to working through this step…

  • Learn how to create and use “Foundational Projects” to remove the need for inspiration and crush writer’s block once and for all
  • Develop an ear for ideas that work so you can identify what is worth working on and what is worth avoiding
  • Master the skill of decisive creativity by cutting the unnecessary and keeping the important (this skill transfers into all areas of production, but you’ll practice it a lot during this step)

Module #4: Extraction Part 2 - Production Elements

This is the part where you start building an epic production library that enables you to develop a more unique signature sound (and help you stop relying on commercial sample libraries for inspiration). 

You’ll work through your unfinished project files (those that weren’t tackled in step 1 & 2), and extract the best production elements from each one. 

Once finished, you should have a comprehensive library of ideas, loops, and samples that you can easily pull into new or existing projects. 

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • The simple filtering system for identifying what to keep or not keep and how to develop your creative intuition to further enhance this system
  • How to build a personal sample library that is uniquely YOURS (so you can spend less money on other sample packs and feel proud of the music you make, knowing that it is original and unique)
  • Speeding up the extraction process: how to salvage the best parts of each unfinished project without it taking days or weeks on end

Module #5: Further Strategies & Techniques

Once you’ve worked your way through the first four steps, you’ll already be amazed at how your creative perspective has changed.

Chances are, you’ll have finished a few projects as a result, and extracted a ton of great material from the ones that haven’t been finished. 

But there’s a few more ways we can leverage these unfinished projects, and that’s what you’ll learn about in this final module. 

Specifically, you’ll learn…

  • How to sell and market your own sample libraries that you’ve passively made through the project extraction process
  • Merging multiple projects together: how to find complementary ideas and sounds so you can shortcut the production timeline
  • How to create the habit of project extraction so it’s not just a one-time thing (and so you don’t end up back at square one a few months or years from now)

You can go through this program in a weekend and permanently increase your musical output from then onwards...

The Project Extraction Masterclass is delivered via several training videos over 5 concise modules or “steps.” 

You’ll follow along with me as I walk you through the entire project extraction system — step-by-step — with my own set of unfinished projects. Afterwards, you’ll be equipped with the best method for finishing and leveraging all the projects you have lying around. 

After you go through the first module, you’ll already see the power and potential of this practice.

And once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be hyped up on inspiration and know that you can execute on your ideas.

Weeks later? The work you did to shore up your projects and extract the best material will be paying dividends. Writer’s block won’t be an issue, inspiration will be flowing, and you’ll be finishing more music than ever before. 

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Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, even though this is an insanely low price for the value given, we still have a 30-day money back guarantee like we do with all our courses. If you don’t like it, just send me an email and I’ll refund you. No worries!

Does it matter which DAW I use?

No. The strategies and techniques I share can be applied in any DAW. I’m using Ableton Live myself, and there are a few techniques that are Ableton-specific, but they are not the core focus of the course. 

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