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The VIP Bundle - All Our Courses in One

  • Lifetime access to ALL our courses + future courses
  • Elite Mastermind Community (700+ premium members inside)
  • Monthly feedback + Q&A sessions

Master the fundamentals of electronic music production by making 4 songs in 4 weeks

  • In-depth video walkthroughs for three electronic music projects, plus guidance for one original project
  • Practical and actionable (learn by actually following along and doing)
  • Ableton and FL Studio basics + music theory basics modules for complete beginners
  • Completed course project files to study and use as templates
  • Over 3,000 producers enrolled

Master the theory and arrangement framework behind producing unique and memorable electronic music

  • Comprehensive songwriting and music theory course
  • 12 genre-specific breakdowns and analysis so you can learn what makes your favorite genres work (6+ hours of content)
  • Guidebook and homework package to develop your skills and knowledge
  • Private Discord Community
  • Over 700 producers enrolled

Build a rock-solid creative mindset and overcome the resistance that plagues every producer

  • 3-week actionable program for producers who struggle to finish tracks
  • 6 worksheets to help you develop a more creative mindset and workflow
  • Q&A support
  • For producers struggling with writer's block, mindset issues, productivity and goal setting
Producer Mindset Mastery

Learn Mixing with 5 Step-by-Step Walkthroughs from Professional Producers

  • Gain clarity which effects to use and when to use them... (so you don’t frustratingly find yourself stuck every time you mix)
  • Develop robust mixing skills that skyrocket the quality of your music… so you feel confident sending it out to labels and promotion channels.
  • Learn by doing with start-to-finish mix walkthroughs… (including all project stems so you can actually follow along with every step)
  • New and confused? Build strong foundational understanding with the Mixing Bootcamp introductory component
Mixing for Producers