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Master the Fundamentals of Electronic Music Production by Making 4 Songs in 4 Weeks

  • In-depth video walkthroughs for three electronic music projects, plus guidance for one original project
  • Practical and actionable (learn by actually following along and doing)
  • Ableton basics + music theory basics modules for complete beginners
  • Completed course project files to study and use as templates
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Master the Theory and Arrangement Framework Behind Producing Unique and Memorable Electronic Music

  • Comprehensive songwriting & theory course (4 modules)
  • 12 genre-specific breakdowns (6+ hours of content)
  • Guidebook + homework package
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Become a more productive and motivated producer in less than a week

  • Create a high-level roadmap for yourself as a producer that leads to lasting motivation
  • Turn your roadmap into a 90-day execution plan that drives your productivity and work ethic through the roof
  • Learn how to do focused, creative work without being bombarded by distractions
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Discover the Tools, Techniques and Secrets that Ableton Pros Already Know and Use

  • 100+ page eBook
  • An introductory section that will get you up to speed if you’re new to Ableton (without boring you to death)
  • How to make sure Ableton is set up for maximum efficiency
  • Comprehensive video course to help you master Ableton Live
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