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Remember the last time you crushed it in the studio?

You focused with intensity.

You weren’t distracted.

You lost track of time.

You got an immense amount of work done.

But above all, you felt good about yourself. You were being productive. You worked hard. Satisfaction was the reward.

As producers, we’re all chasing this feeling of satisfaction. We’re all chasing that moment where we think, “I’m doing well here.” or, “I did a good job today.”

Unfortunately, for most producers, this is not the norm. It’s rare. And if this is you—it’s been a long time since you crushed it—then the following is probably true:

  • You have no motivation. You don’t know why. You used to have it—back when you started making music—but now it’s gone.
  • Instead of feeling excited while producing a song… you feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle just to get ideas down.
  • You can’t finish music consistently. You feel like you’re always waiting for inspiration and creativity and often it just never shows up.

This won’t fix itself - here’s what doesn’t work

If you have no motivation, feel like you’re always fighting an uphill battle, and you can’t finish music consistently… why do you think that’s going to change?

We say things to ourselves like...

“I’ll take a break and give it a few months, then I’ll feel motivated again.”

“Maybe I just need to use a different DAW…”

“I know! I’ll start a new artist alias! I don’t like my current name anyway. That’s probably it.”

And my favorite of all…

“I just need to learn a little bit more about production, then I’ll be good.”

Unfortunately, none of these work. The problems I laid out above are fundamental problems.

You can’t fix them by taking a break—at least most of the time—because breaks do not fix foundational problems.If you don’t feel motivated because you have no vision or strategy, then a break isn’t going to help.


Using a different DAW might provide you with a week or two of excitement because you’re using something new and learning rapidly, but all you’re doing is changing the software.

This won’t fix any underlying creative issues. Starting a new artist alias? Not a bad thing… but if you think a name change is going to fix your lack of ability to sit down and focus intensely on music, then you’re in for a surprise.

But what about the last one?

Surely learning more about production is going to help?

Not really. I’ve met producers who know far less about music production than the next person, yet they make great music consistently and crush it in the studio every day.

I’ve met extremely knowledgeable producers who just can’t sit down and work on a song. It’s their biggest struggle. And this is part of the problem…

The solution isn’t learning more techniques

Never before has there been a wealth of information on how to produce better music.

YouTube is filled to the brim with quality tutorials on how to make certain chord progressions, sound like a specific artist, or use a fancy plugin.

This is a great thing. It’s awesome. We have a huge amount of free and low-cost information at our fingertips, and we should utilize this.

But there’s a problem…

It’s not getting us closer to our goal: to make better music and enjoy doing it.

There’s a missing link somewhere. We have immense access to information and knowledge, but it doesn’t fix our problems.


Because it’s tactical. It’s technique. It’s specific processes and actions.

Nothing wrong with learning tactics and techniques. They’re important. But they need to rest upon a foundation.

The solution? Building a strong foundation

Learning more production techniques is not the solution. You need to build a strong foundation.

This truth is what has led to the creation of the Productive Producer course.

I wanted to create a strategy-packed course that people could go through in a day or two that would completely shift the way they thought about creativity and staying motivated as a producer.

That’s what this course is.

It will help you:

  • Develop a high-level strategy for yourself as a producer that results in deep motivation while avoiding tactics that cause little-to-no improvement.
  • Craft a systematic 90-day plan that leads to real, consistent action every day and pushes you towards your goals.
  • Build confidence so that you can enter your DAW and feel ready to produce (even if you’re a new producer and know hardly anything).
  • Develop creative discipline so that you don’t have to rely on inspiration anymore.

But here’s the thing… Anyone can watch a bunch of videos, feel good about themselves, and never take action.

I’ve signed up to a ton of courses where I did exactly that. Learned a few things, moved on… no lasting result. Why? Because I didn’t put in the work.

I’ve designed this course in such a way, both the curriculum and the video content itself, that it drives you to take action. That’s the only way this is going to work.

It’s also the reason why there’s a course workbook, which you can use, edit, change however you like to suit your prefences.

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What you’ll learn in the Productive Producer course

Why most producers are NOT productive (and what to do instead)
How to create a 90-day execution plan that focuses your efforts and helps you progress rapidly
How to create a high-level roadmap that provides direction and motivation
How to schedule your way to success
Increasing motivation by focusing on the fundamentals (this is the most controversial video)
The three pillars of confidence (or how to have confidence even as a newbie)
Common problems that producers face when setting goals and how to combat them
The #1 strategy for getting more done in the studio (which will put you ahead of 90% of other producers)
Three tactical approaches to increasing motivation. (I know, I know. Tactics. These are for after you’ve built your foundation).
Setting session objectives to increase productivity and avoid the uphill battle
The first draft approach—what music producers can learn from writers

About the author

I’m the founder of EDMProd, an educational resource and community for electronic music producers. I’m the author of the popular EDM Foundations course for new producers, host of the world’s most popular electronic music production podcast, and author of the Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity (which has sold thousands of copies).

Over the past 5 years running this company, I’ve talked to thousands of producers about what they struggle with when it comes to making music. During this time I’ve studied, in-depth, how creativity, productivity, and psychology interact with music production, hoping to glean insights and strategies to help other producers.

This course is a consolidation of these years of experience, conversation, research, practice, and experimentation. I am not just giving you my opinions. This stuff actually works. It’s been proven.


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Module 1: Creating Your Production Roadmap
Module 2: Increasing Motivation and Confidence
Module 3: Focused Execution
The Productive Producer Workbook


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Module 1: Creating Your Production Roadmap

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The Productive Producer Workbook
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