Introducing: The Ableton Workflow Bible

When you enter Ableton Live for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

There’s a bunch of knobs, controls, meters, numbers, icons…

…it’s like trying to drive a manual transmission car for the first time (except it’s a lot safer because you can’t drive Ableton Live into another object or human being).

But over the period of a few days, you start to figure out how it works. Maybe you skim through the manual (but probably not, because who reads manuals, right?). You know how to put together a basic song.

Unfortunately, that’s where most people stop learning.

  • They don’t go any further to learn the ins and outs of Ableton…
  • They don’t learn the hidden features…
  • They don’t master the software… in fact, they don’t even become proficient in it.

Unfortunately, most people are content with this. They don’t take any measures to master Ableton and speed up their workflow.

What is the cost of that?

  1. You let a lot of ideas go to waste. It takes you more time to get what’s in your head into your DAW.
  2. You’re less creative as you don’t have a toolbox of techniques and strategies to make good music.
  3. You get frustrated ALL the time.

Introducing the Ableton Workflow Bible

Today, we launch The Ableton Workflow Bible, a 100+ page eBook & training guide package aimed at helping Ableton users take control of their DAW and work like a pro.

This book is for you if:

  • You’re new to Ableton and want to get your head around how it works…
  • You’ve been using Ableton for a while but feel like you’re not using it to its full potential…
  • You already work fast in Ableton but want to pick up a bunch of new tips and tricks.

Get your copy here.

“Love this book. The magic is not only in how great the ideas are, but also how concise the product is. It shows you the right things, in the right order, without overloading you with the parts of Ableton you don’t need to know. This is, without a doubt, the quickest and most effective way to learn Ableton Live.” — Multiplier

“The second I opened up the book, I could put it to use. It lays out the step-by-step processes that really helped me understand the methods of the pros. Thank you EDMProd for another great resource.” — Christian Kalinowski



The Pro Package

This week only, we’re offering 20% off the Ableton Workflow Bible Pro Package.

The Pro Package includes:

  • The book: 100+ pages of Ableton Live tools, techniques, and secrets
  • AWB 30-Day Mastery Plan: Follow a step-by-step framework to master Ableton in one month
  • Video lecture: How to find and develop your own sound
  • Video lecture: Finding Your Flow—10 Strategies to Help You Finish More Music
  • Video lecture: Active Listening—How to Learn From Other Music
  • 30-Day Creativity Challenge
  • 3 Ableton Live template projects to learn from
  • Custom drum samples, vocal pack, audio effect racks, and Serum preset pack.

Get your discount on the pro package here.

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