An Interview with Julian Jordan: Staying Passionate and Creating the Music You Want to Create.

From his incredible production skills to his ever-developing and energetic live sets, Julian Jordan is one artist who is in for the long run.   With his enthusiastic attitude and forward thinking mindset, Julian continues to satisfy fans and music lovers around the globe!

I’m super pleased to be able to share this interview with all of you, I hope you enjoy!

What made you want to start making music and get into production? How have things changed since then?

I have always loved music. I started as a drummer and discovered electronic music because of my brother. He showed me Daft punk, the prodigy and even old happy hardcore tracks. That’s when I knew I wanted to create electronic music. Until this moment I still make my music with the same passion and love for electronic music.

What is your approach when you start a new track? Do you have a workflow process that helps you get in the studio and get things done?

Not really! I just start whenever I have inspiration or feel creative. Whenever I don’t feel creative I just relax and go outside to clear my mind.

How do you deal with creative block?

I always go outside and spend time with my girlfriend, friends & family. That’s really important for me and when I have a good day/night with those people it immediately gives me great inspiration.

What is your DAW of choice? Do you have any go-to plugins (synthesizers or effects)?

I’ve always used FL Studio and I absolutely love the Spire synthesizer. It has great sound banks and I just love how you can adjust sounds.

Could you tell us about your recent release: A Thousand Miles feat. Ruby Prophet? What inspired it? What are some sound design tricks you used on the track?

I got the vocal from Ruby and loved it so much that I built the production behind it in a few hours!  The vocal gave me so much inspiration.

What advice would you give to new producers who are just starting?

Always try to create the music you want to create and don’t care too much about what other people say about your music. If it’s something that you are proud of that’s the only thing that matters, because you created it.

Great chatting with you Julian!  Where can people find you online?

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