Transform your songs into release-ready records 💿

Combine the joint skills of mixing and mastering to give your music the professional polish it needs to stand out

Their mixes = loud, clean and punchy ✅
Your mixes = squashed, muddy and flat ❌

If you’re like 99% of other producers, you’ve likely experienced this:

You come up with an amazing idea for a song. Maybe it’s a melody, a vocal hook, or a unique sample that you’ve found.

It creates massive motivation and momentum, and you find yourself deep in creative flow—enjoying every moment.

Your song practically writes itself.

And before you know it, you’ve finished the arrangement, composition, instrumentation, sound design, and almost everything else.

It’s essentially finished.

But there’s one problem: it sounds unpolished.

Maybe you mixed as you went, but now that you’re listening to it with fresh ears—it’s lacking… something.

And when you compare it to your reference track, or music from other artists that you’re a fan of, it just doesn’t seem to hit quite as hard.

This can be frustrating. Especially after you’ve spent hours, days, and potentially even weeks or months chipping away at your song.

The last thing you want is for your song to lack the punch, polish, and power that it deserves – especially before you put it out into the world.

What’s the answer?

The truth behind professional (not just 'good') music 😬

I’ll tell you what the answer is not.


It’s not: 


Here’s what you really need to make professional-quality music…

A hybrid framework that combines the joint skills of mixing AND mastering

We call these ‘engineering skills’.

It’s a dynamic process that you use to take your song from sounding average to release-ready.

Without having a framework or workflow in place, you’ll feel confused and stuck.

You’ll likely procrastinate because you don’t know what to do next in order to move your song project forward.

With the framework in place, you’ll then use your skills to manipulate, tweak, adjust, process, and shape your tracks in a way that matches the industry standard for electronic dance music.

And a crucial part of leveraging your engineering skills is knowing which tools and techniques to use, as well as the where, when, why, and how.

And I’ll be completely upfront:

There are no “magic shortcuts” to developing this framework, building your skills, and acquiring knowledge about the tools and techniques at your disposal.

But there is an optimal way to get better: following action-oriented lessons that show you exactly how to use mixing skills, techniques, and tools in the right context.

EDMProd Presents...

The Hybrid Engineering Bundle is a two-course bundle put together that will allow you to master the objective side of your music.


It contains both of our Mixing For Producers course (800+ students), and our brand new Mastering For Producers course (300+ students).

Course #1

Mixing For Producers

Course #2

Mastering For Producers

These courses are not just duplicates of each other. Instead, they build on top of each other.

Here’s how:

Start with Mixing For Producers and develop a robust mixing skillset:
  • Mixing For Producers starts off with a comprehensive Mixing Bootcamp designed to help you build a robust framework and foundational skillset.
  • You’ll then work your way through 5, detailed step-by-step mixing walkthroughs from 5 professional producers.
  • Finally, there are 10 bonus workshops on intermediate to advanced mixing skills, including vocal processing, layering, and more.

Then build your engineering skills even further with the in-depth content inside Mastering For Producers:
  • Discover 29 techniques to achieve clear, clean and pro-quality masters from start to finish
  • Follow along with 3 real-world mastering walkthroughs across a range of styles (house, dubstep, future)
  • Do this all while learning from a professional mastering engineer (over 3000 projects mastered)

What you get inside


The 3 components inside Mixing For Producers that will take your mixes from average to great

A full course by itself, the Mixing Bootcamp gives you an in-depth understanding of mixing concepts and tools—so you know how and when to use effects and techniques.

Follow along in your own DAW with 5 start-to-finish mixdown walkthroughs from professional producers. Develop intuitive, practical mixing skills through imitation and practice.

Level up your mixing skills even further by learning advanced techniques with the in-depth mixing workshops. Learn multiband compression, vocal processing, and much more.

Let’s take a look at each of the components in more detail

#1: foundation

The Mixing Bootcamp

Develop a solid framework for mixing (even if you're a complete beginner)

The Mixing Bootcamp teaches you all there is to know about mixing fundamentals, including how to use EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and an array of other tools and techniques such as:


Step-by-Step Mix Walkthroughs

Develop practical mixing skills through imitation and practice (by learning from the pros)

Walkthrough #1

Disco Fries - Turning Corners

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn what it takes to mix a powerful drop (as well as mix for tension building intro the drop), and follow along with the duo step-by-step as they mix down their project.

Walkthrough #2

Enamour - Love Syndrome

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn about Enamour’s mixing philosophy and workflow, as well as follow along with him as he mixes each instrument and group. 

Walkthrough #3

Ryos - Only You

Follow along with Ryos as he mixes down his track “Only You.” You’ll learn how to get that fat, big room house energy by using compression and limiting, and the “do whatever it takes” philosophy behind a good mix.

Walkthrough #4

Disco Fries - Moving Mountains

In their second walkthrough, Disco Fries will show you what it takes to mix down a MASSIVE project file (150+ stems) and make it clear, clean and punchy. 

Walkthrough #5

Cozmoe - Before The New

Don’t have access to expensive gear? In this mixdown walkthrough, Cozmoe shows you how he processes DIY recordings of vocals and guitars to make them sound professional. 


Advanced Mixing Workshops

Discover new techniques, hone your craft, and gain a unique edge

These advanced workshops will teach you everything from vocal mixing to mid/side EQ (and everything in between). These workshops also act as a great reference for when you need to implement a specific technique in your own mixdowns.

Topics covered:

Taught by six expert instructors


Connor O'Brien

EDMProd Lead Instructor | Producer

Disco Fries

World-Class Dance Music Duo


Advanced Workshops Instructor | Producer


YouTube Educator | Producer


Producer & DJ

Sam Burke (Cozmoe)

Icon Collective Instructor | Producer

Everything Included With

Mixing For Producers

1 comprehensive bootcamp. 5 full mix walkthroughs. 10 Advanced Workshops.

+ Guidebook. Bonuses. Discord Mastermind Community with Monthly Feedback Streams.

Mixing Bootcamp

24-lesson course that gives you a fundamental understanding of mixing concepts & tools. 

Detailed Mix Walkthroughs

5 in-depth walkthroughs that teach you how to mix multiple genres, step-by-step. All stems + project files included.

Advanced Workshops

10 comprehensive video workshops that cover various advanced topics like mid/side EQ and stem mastering.



Quickly reference techniques & concepts with the included 200+ page guidebook (instead of always re-watching videos).

Vocal Mixing Masterclass

Learn how to edit, process, and mix vocals so they stand out and make your song memorable.

What Mixing For Producers students are saying

“Unlike other mixing courses, I’ve actually been able to apply all of these techniques in my own tracks as well. It helped me finish off 3 tracks in two weeks, and get one signed to a bigger label!”


“This course demystifies many aspects of the mixing process.  Having access to multiple, successful, industry professional instructors makes for an invaluable learning experience.”


What you get inside


Nick's 29-step Mastering Framework 🎛

EDM Mastering Fundamentals

You’ll understand why mastering electronic and dance music is completely different from other genres. Skip the unhelpful info about recorded music and get straight into it.

Developing Your Ear

Identify the details in your music that is holding it back. Understand when the best time to use different tools like EQ, compression and saturation is.

Optimize Your Listening Environment

Achieve high-quality masters, even if you don’t have the best acoustic treatment or monitoring environment (yep – even if you’re on headphones).

Understanding Dynamics

After the dynamics lesson, you’ll know the difference between micro and macro dynamics, and how they can make for a cohesive listening experience.

Demystifying Compression

Stop succumbing to the confusion of compression and know the best way to use it to control dynamics and tone.

Balancing Tone with EQ

Nail your music’s tone by using EQ like a pro mastering engineer. Go beyond simple cuts and boosts and dive deep into the details.

The Power of Multiband Processing

Finally understand the nuance behind this coveted mastering technique, and achieve clean and balanced masters (without over-processing your mixes). Know when and when not to use it.

Adding Richness with Saturation

Add character and life to your masters with subtle saturation techniques (that don’t ruin your songs). Understand what and how saturation is affecting your master.

Clipping For Max Loudness

Learn what most mastering engineers won’t tell you about loudness, and discover the power of controlled clipping for unparalleled loudness.

Finalizing with a Limiter

Give your final master the treatment it deserved with limiting. Achieve a clean master at the appropriate amount of loudness for your style (hint: it’s probably not -14 LUFS).

Topping & Tailing

Discover a lesser-known aspect of mastering that most producers ignore. Control the start and end of your tracks for seamless integration of your music on all platforms and mediums (Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, CD etc.).

Professional Mastering Walkthroughs

Watch Nick remaster his previous client’s records completely in-the-box using the tools and techniques learned in the course.

🧑‍💻 3 Comprehensive Mastering Walkthroughs

Develop practical mastering skills through imitation and practice (by learning from the pros)

Walkthrough #1

Daniel Tonik & STEFF – On My Skin

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how to master a driving progressive house track while maintaining the integrity of the main vocal. Specifically, you’ll learn:

Walkthrough #2

Slab City – I Want More

In this walkthrough, you’ll learn how to master LOUD while getting the low-high relationship right. In detail, you’ll learn:

Walkthrough #3

Dugong Jr – Voyager (ft. Ruby Chase)

Follow along with Nick as he re-masters this bright, futuristic pop jam. Throughout, you’ll see how he deliberately controls a bouncy and wide mix while keeping the groove intact. He also dives into:

+ $200 Of Bonuses...

A/B Listening Material ($49 value)

Put everything you’re learning into practice with high-quality reference material you can dissect, process and compare.

Mastering Guidebook ($97 value)

Solidify your learning with the companion Mastering For Producers PDF Guidebook. This contains detailed summaries of every lesson, key concepts and more.

Exclusive Plugin Discounts

Get Nick’s personal favourite plugins at a discount. Includes discounts from Tone Projects, FabFilter, Leapwing & more. All students will be notified of any new discount codes as they become available.

Private Mastermind Community ($197 value)

Join other premium students inside our private, members-only Discord group. Get feedback and deep insights during our monthly live group sessions inside the Discord server.

Mastering Templates ($49 value)

Simplify your mastering workflow with our exclusive mastering templates. Available for Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X & Pro Tools.

Self-Mastering Workshop ($49 value)

Watch Aden follow Nick’s exact process in real-time, and export your own finished master. See how a producer can take these concepts to the next level.


Panorama Logo

🙋‍♂️ Taught by Nicholas Di Lorenzo

Hello, I’m Nicholas Di Lorenzo! 👋 I am the owner and operator of Panorama Mixing & Mastering in Melbourne, Australia.

I developed as a budding young engineer under the tutelage of Martin Pullan (Deep Purple, Anthony Callea, Jimmy Barnes).

Since opening the studio in 2014, I’ve been involved in over 3,000 projects including for artists such as Tentendo (Majestic Casual), Dugong Jr (Mad Decent, Majestic Casual, Moving Castle) & Ava King.

I’ve also been involved with labels and publishing companies like Universal Music Group, Sony ATV, and Teamwrk Records.

You can listen to a selection of my mastering portfolio below! 👇

What Mastering For Producers students are saying

“Nick has taught me so many new things – such as what a mix should be like and other key audio concepts. He is a great teacher.”


“This course is a must for any producer wanting to master their music with quality. Nick is a fantastic teacher. With his knowledge and the technical material presented in the course, I’m finding a clear improvement in my mastering approach and results.”


“I’ve taken a few other courses on mastering, some significantly more expensive, and I still feel this was one of the most informative courses I’ve watched in a long time. I wouldn’t write a review unless I really felt this course stood out from the crowd and it does. Nicholas is a fantastic instructor and I look forward to learning more.”


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You can enroll today and go through as much of the courses as you want in 60 days. If you don’t LOVE it, then we’ll refund 100% of your money. No sneaky tactics. No “action-based” refund policy where you have to watch X amount of videos or do the exercise. Just send us a simple email and let us know if it didn’t work out for you.

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Once purchased, you’ll have instant, lifetime access to the courses. This includes access to all future updates.

A common concern people have when signing up to courses of this size is that they’ll run out of time and fall behind.

That can’t happen with these programs as they’re self-paced. You can go through them in a matter of weeks if you’re extremely diligent and have a lot of time, or you can go through it at a slower pace and take it all in. Whether it takes weeks, months, or even years—it doesn’t matter. You’ll always have access to the course material.

Not really. The walkthroughs in Mixing For Producers are mostly recorded in Ableton (one is in FL Studio and another in Logic). The Mastering For Producers lessons are recorded in Pro Tools.

You might be wondering whether these courses are worth it for you if you’re using a different DAW.

Here’s the simple answer…

It is worth it. 

You’ll get access to stems, not just the full project files, so you can follow along in any DAW. Some techniques and tools may look slightly different, and there may be parts where you need to find a workaround in your DAW. But as a whole, you’ll be able to apply what’s being taught and develop your mixing skills.

Worst case scenario? It doesn’t work for you. You find it too hard to follow along in a different DAW. If that’s the case, just send us an email and we’ll refund you in full. 

No. Absolutely not. At the very least, you should have a good pair of studio headphones. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter a whole lot. You’ll be able to gain a ton of knowledge and skill from this course regardless of your listening environment.

Of course. If you don’t like the courses, we’ll give you a refund via our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Just send us an email in that time frame and we’ll sort it out for you.

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