A Framework For Becoming a Better Producer with Hyperbits

“The fact that you can make a living in music is not a pipe dream. The fact that you think you only have to make music and everything will take care of itself is a pipe dream ” – Hyperbits

In this episode, I sit down for the third time with Hyperbits. If you haven’t listened to the previous two episodes, you can find them here and here. We chat about the similarities between being an artist and being an entrepreneur, how to best carve your learning path, what people should look for in an online school, and how to go from an intermediate to an advanced producer.

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Links from the episode:

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Show notes:

  • What he’s been up to since the last podcast (6:15)
  • The authenticity of Hyperbits Masterclass  (10:30)
  • Finding a consistent income (12:17)
  • The balance between persistence and opportunity (15:00)
  • Why you the perfect life/work balance doesn’t exist (18:05)
  • Keeping self discipline (20:12)
  • The parallels between being an artist and being an entrepreneur (25:40)
  • Why shouldn’t bank on making it in a specific amount of time (30:05)
  • Why you should only “jump when you see the landing” (32:58)
  • Is it wise for everyone to try to make a career in music (37:02)
  • How does someone get to know themselves better (41:34)
  • How change really works (44:30)
  • What to do as a complete beginner (46:35)
  • How to go from intermediate to advanced (48:50)
  • Why having too specific of a sound can hurt your creativity (52:07)
  • What to look for in a production school (57:20)
  •  The important of doing what you know you need to do (68:10)
  • What Hyperbits has been reading recently (71:20)

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