How to Let Emotion Drive Your Music with JNTHN STEIN

“In order to let yourself make those creative accidents, you need to be willing to make a bad song ” – JNTHN STEIN

In this episode, I sit down with JNTHN STEIN. He’s a fantastic producer who you may know from his Ableton Push 2 videos. We chat about his background, crowdfunding a recording studio with half of the the Grammy award winning duo Brasstracks, linking up with Team Supreme, as well being featuring in the Ableton Push 2 launch. We also chat about how he connects the emotional and technical sides of music, a concept that is sure to open your eyes about the songwriting process.

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Links from the episode:

Connect with JNTHN STEIN:

Website | Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Show notes:

  • His new track Driving (2:57)
  • His production workflow (4:12)
  • What helps his creativity (6:58)
  • His background in music (10:05)
  • Getting into production (16:25)
  • Developing a recording studio (19:16)
  • Connecting with Team Supreme (20:38)
  • Getting into the Ableton Push (25:10)
  • The challenges of running a studio (30:25)
  • Why quantity over quality is extremely important (33:20)
  • How his management helped pushed his career (38:32)
  • “Start with the emotional, then work your way down to the musical” (41:12)
  • Advice for producers struggling with writer’s block (49:12)
  • “The difference between knowing the path and walking it” (51:40)

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