Sebastien Lintz Interview: The Changing Face of Technology, Getting Demos Signed & Social Media Advice

In this interview (one of my favorite to date) I sit down with Sebastien Lintz, artist manager & digital strategist at Sorted Management and label manager at Revealed Recordings (yep – he works two jobs).

If there’s one way to sum up Lintz, it would be “ahead of the curve.” And we talk about exactly that in this interview—how to stay ahead of the curve.

Of course, we talk about a lot more. It’s a must listen, regardless of where you’re at with your career. Make sure you take notes.

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What we talk about:

  • How labels will need to adapt to the changing industry in order to survive and thrive
  • Where music consumption is heading
  • Whether Beatport has a future
  • How to get your demos heard by labels and curators
  • Blockchain technology and how it will help artists
  • What NOT to do on social media
  • Sebastien’s “Industry Defining” projects

Cool stuff mentioned in the show:

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Sebastien Lintz on the web:

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