Dave Winnel — Keeping Simplicity In Music Production

Dave Winnel has had a meteoric rise to success in the electronic music world, and for good reason. Having remixed giants like David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Axewell & Ingrosso, and recently collaborating with Armin van Buuren, Winnel is seemingly unstoppable. Having given back to the music production community via his ‘For The Win Samples’ with Splice, Winnel was the perfect guest for this episode of The EDM Prodcast giving a concise interview packed with value.

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What we talk about:

  • The differences in creating original material versus remixes
  • Approaching remixes, both official and unofficial
  • Building relationships with record labels and colleagues
  • The various challenges, technical and otherwise, of the creative process
  • Tips for streamlining the learning curve of music production
  • Finding inspiration and dealing with writer’s block
  • The importance of simplicity in the production process

Cool stuff mentioned in the show:

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Dave Winnel on the Web:

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Until next time, have fun producing!

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