Sean Tyas — Mastering The Art Of Sound Design

Continuing the trend of legendary guests from the trance realm on the EDM Prodcast, this episode we are joined by Sean Tyas. Recently releasing his multi-genre album, Degenerate, Sean has become an icon in the trance community as one of the strongest sound designers. It is no surprise that this interview covers a heap of technical knowledge, from masterfully crafting kick drums to the inner workings of his sound design for his trance productions and beyond. This episode is certainly for the more technically inclined producers, but all will find value in this interview with Sean Tyas!

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What we talk about:

  • The creative process of writing an album, as well as the pros and cons
  • Releasing singles versus releasing albums
  • Techniques for crafting better kick drums
  • How important it is to be familiar with sound design
  • The difference in sound design approach through various genres
  • Reverse engineering patches as a ‘tutorial’
  • Balancing production, touring, and family life
  • The difference in culture today versus the early trance scene
  • Using sound design to overcome creative block

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Sean Tyas on the Web:

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