Duskus on Creating Depth & Texture in Music

Duskus is a UK-born-and-raised producer who is currently between the US and UK. He is known for his experimental and futuristic take on electronic music, taking his beautiful melodic sound across the spectrum of subgenres.

He’s had many releases over the years on labels like Monstercat, Alpha Pup & Foreign Family, and is currently signed to San Holo’s label bitbird – a perfect fit for his boundary-pushing music.

He has a new song titled Call Me November 18 which was preceded by his future garage-inspired tune Holdin U on the Gouldian Finch 4 compilation.

We talk about his production process, how fashion and visuals influence his music, and his plans for the future including tours in the US.

Call Me → https://bitbird.lnk.to/callme
Holding U → https://bitbird.lnk.to/holdingu
EDM Foundations → https://edmprod.com/edm-foundations
Soundtoys Crystallizer → https://www.soundtoys.com/product/crystallizer/
MAutoPitch → https://www.meldaproduction.com/MAutoPitch


Instagram → https://instagram.com/duskusofficial
Facebook → https://facebook.com/DuskusOfficial
Twitter → https://twitter.com/DuskusOfficial
Spotify → https://open.spotify.com/artist/59MDSNIYoOY0WRYuodzJPD
Soundcloud → https://soundcloud.com/duskus


Website → https://edmprod.com
Instagram → https://instagram.com/edmprodgram
Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/EDMPsite
Soundcloud → https://soundcloud.com/edmprod
Spotify → https://sptfy.com/edmprod

Aden Russell (Artsea):

Instagram → https://instagram.com/iamartsea
Facebook → https://facebook.com/iamartsea
Spotify → https://sptfy.com/iamartsea
Soundcloud → https://soundcloud.com/iamartsea

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