Joachim Pastor on How to Overcome Rejection and Perfect Your Craft

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This week, Joachim Pastor sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

Joachim Pastor is a French DJ and producer who’s been a staple in the dance music industry for over a decade. He helped co-found the French record label Hungry Music, and he’s currently releasing with Armada Music.

We start with Joachim’s background, discussing the early experiences that led him to pursue a career as a producer and DJ. He discusses how he nearly gave up on a career in music 100s of times due to the rejections and setbacks most musicians inevitably face. We talk about the choices that helped steadily build up his career to the successful point its at now. 

On the production side, Joachim dives deep into his analog and digital workflow. He discusses his intricate analog studio setup, revealing his favorite gear and how he uses them in his productions. He also breaks down his favorite digital effects, as well as his three desert island synths. Throughout, Joachim offers useful tips for mixing with distortion, reverb, and compression.

Later on, Joachim explains why most producers shouldn’t invest in nice speakers, and why producing with in ear monitors is better than over ear monitors. He also reveals his number one piece of advice for finishing music, which (strangely enough) is Microsoft Excel.

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