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Keeping Music Fun and Using Analogue Synths with Teen Daze

This week, Jamison aka Teen Daze jumped on the podcast. Known for his ambient and soothing approach to electronic music, Teen Daze has been making music for over a decade.

We dive into his background and how he made a lot of music by just having fun with the process, and how that helped him reach a higher standard of music over time. During this process, he also talks about things he wishes he did, like set a plan in order for what he wants to achieve.

Later we get more technical and talk about his studio setup, including a few of his favourite synths and plugins that he uses, like the Korg M1. We dive into how you can use existing sounds in new contexts to inspire creativity and inform your own sound as an artist.

He ends the podcast by talking about some upcoming projects for film and book, as well as new music as Teen Daze and his dance-oriented side project, Pacific Coliseum.

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Dexed by Digital Suburban – FM Synth

Pacific Coliseum

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