Create 30 song ideas in 30 days

Join a tight-knit community of other goal-oriented producers. Finish one 8 to 16 bar loop every day for 30 days. Get real accountability and feedback. Come away with a library full of inspiring song ideas. 

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September 4

Get prepared during onboarding week (Aug 30 – Sep 3) and then dive into your first song idea starting on Sep 4th.


1 Month Creative Sprint

Spend a maximum of 60 minutes each day generating a song idea. Focus on output and progress (not perfection). 


A Library of 30 Song Ideas

Come away at the end of the month with a library full of song ideas that provide endless inspiration. 


All Experience Levels

Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced—Create 30 will level up your creative output and help you grow.


Write and Produce Every Day for 30 Days

Join a tight-knit community of dozens of other music creators all with the same shared goal. Get guidance and feedback. Leverage the power of consistency. Develop your songwriting and production skills. Come away with a library full of song ideas.


The Process for Creating 30 Song Ideas in 30 Days


One 8 to 16 bar song idea

You’ll focus on creating a core idea. Something that’s 8 to 16 bars long, contains multiple instruments/sounds, and acts as the foundation for a full song. We’ll show you exactly how.


60 minutes max per day

You’re aiming to finish something every day. Not a masterpiece. You’ll spend no more than 60 min per day working on your song ideas. This way you’ll build massive momentum without creative burnout.


Share your idea in the community

To keep you (and everyone else) accountable, you’ll publish your idea in the community every day. This is a great place to get feedback from us and other artists going through the 30 day sprint.


Crush writer's block

Create 30 includes a 4-week course curriculum to help you prevent and overcome creative issues and speed up your workflow. We also host two live calls each week where we’ll discuss and expand on certain topics and workshop ideas.

Is Create 30 right for you?

Do you struggle to stay consistent with music production?

You feel inspired sometimes, and enjoy sitting down and making music when this inspiration hits… but when you’re not inspired, nothing happens. You can’t seem to create at will.

Do you find it hard to come up with song ideas that inspire you?

You know that if you can come up with an inspiring idea, then the rest usually falls into place. But you find it hard to come up with ideas that excite you in the first place.

You know roughly what to do, but struggle to take action?

You know how to produce music. You’ve gone through the beginner stages. But “more knowledge” is not what you want or need. You want to take action and get results.

Constraints lead to creativity. Accountability leads to action.

Chances are, these problems are holding you back:

Almost all songwriters, artists and music producers face these same problems:

Create 30 is designed to address each and every one of these problems.

As an artist, being able to consistently, confidently come up with inspiring song ideas is a superpower. An inspiring song idea can give you the momentum necessary to overcome distraction, writer’s block, procrastination, and a host of other creative problems that usually lead to giving up.

Constraints + Accountability

There’s two reasons why artists and producers struggle to come up with ideas:

  1. They have too many options and get overwhelmed (analysis paralysis)
  2. They have little to no accountability. It’s easy to quit writing music and watch Netflix when no one’s expecting you to make music anyway.

Create 30 combats these two problems.

First, the constraints: you come up with one idea every day for 30 days. Not a full song, just a roughly put together idea.

You’re not aiming for perfection, you’re aiming for progress.

Second, accountability. You’ll be part of a community of artists and producers putting in the work every day. There’s a strong incentive to get the work done, even if you don’t feel like it.

The power of quantity

Our contrary belief: you should focus on quantity over quality. The faster you can generate ideas and finish music, the better you get. 

The common advice is to focus on quality over quantity.

This makes sense if you’re a professional artist who’s been in the game for over a decade and knows exactly what they’re doing.

But if you’re still in growth mode (in other words, you want to get good—fast), then it’s not the best approach.

In fact, it will slow you down.

Focusing on quantity and output will bring you results way faster than spending weeks or months on a single project.

Here’s why: when you can generate ideas quickly and consistently, quality improves automatically.

The soccer player who practices 100 kicks a day is going to be better than the player who practices 10 kicks but takes their time to get everything right.

The aspiring author who writes 500 words a day will improve faster than the writer who writers 100 “perfect” words a day.

Likewise, the artist or producer who comes up with one idea every day and finishes songs frequently will improve at a much faster rate than the person who spends months on each song.

Create 30 is this concept in practice. We get you to focus on quantity so that quality comes automatically.

Transform Bad Creative Habits Into Powerful Creative Habits

Unnecessary Pressure

If you start each new project telling yourself that it’s going to be a hit, a masterpiece, or the song that will finally make it happen… you’re stifling your creativity.

Quantity Focus

Instead of treating each new project like it has to be a hit (hello perfectionism), you treat each project as a lesson. This way, you build massive momentum (and you’re more likely to make a hit anyway)


“I’ll make music tomorrow.”

“I’ll work on this later.”

How many times have you said this to yourself?

Daily Output

Doing something creative every day (like coming up with a song idea) may not seem like a lot, but it compounds and pays dividends. When you exercise consistent daily discipline, your music improves by default. 


If you start each new project feeling overwhelmed and worried that you won’t be able to come up with anything halfway decent—and you doubt that you’re cut out for music—it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Creative Confidence

The best way to crush self-doubt is to take action and capture small wins. Creating one idea every day gives you the creative confidence and momentum you need to excel as an artist.

Get 1% Better Every Day

Chasing big wins is creatively exhausting (and rarely produces positive results). Capturing small wins every day? That’s how you level up. 

Making one idea every day doesn’t sound like a huge achievement compared to releasing an EP or getting signed.

But after 30 days? 90 days? 365 days?

You’ll be a fundamentally better artist, and lightyears ahead of the person tirelessly chasing big wins but getting nowhere.

How Create 30 works

You’ll take part in a 4-week curriculum packed with systems, techniques and frameworks to help you level up your creativity and idea generation skills.

  • Onboarding Week: How to get the most out of your 30 days, mindset, and preparation.
  • Week 1: Failsafe approaches to generating new ideas, workflow, and building your daily habit
  • Week 2: Deliberate focus on the fundamentals: sound selection, instrumentation, songwriting
  • Week 3: Creative evolution: Repeatable tactics for turning basic ideas (melodies, sounds, drums) into developed ideas (full loops)
  • Week 4: Out-of-the-box thinking, advanced idea generation tactics.
  • Beyond Create 30: Organizing, filtering, and making the most of your idea library. How to know which ideas to turn into full songs.

Create 30 is about consistently taking action and building a strong creative habit.

Once the course starts, you’ll create one song idea (a 4 or 8 bar loop with a few core sounds/instruments) every day.

You’ll share these ideas inside the private community alongside dozens of other producers for extra accountability and feedback.

By the end of the 30 days, you’ll have a library of song ideas that you can build on and draw from over the coming months (and years). You’ll also be more confident, experience less creative friction, and improve your music creation skills.

Most artists and producers take several months to come up with 30 ideas, but you’ll create yours in just 30 days.

Create 30 is a cohort-based course, meaning there is a strong focus on community, timeline, and live interaction.

Every week you’ll get access to a new module of recorded video lessons that will help you become an idea generation machine (and a better artist, in turn).

Then, twice per week we host a live group call where we answer questions, talk through the week’s content, and give feedback on ideas from that week. These calls are recorded, and you retain lifetime access to both the recordings as well as the other recorded video lessons.

Creating 30 ideas in 30 days is hard.

But being part of a community with dozens of other artists and producers, all on the same journey as you? Not only does it make it easier, it also makes it way more enjoyable.

You’ll be surrounded with motivated, driven artists that all have the same goal—to come up with a bunch of ideas and improve their skills.

Chances are, you’ll make a bunch of long-term relationships while taking part in the cohort.

9,709+ producers trust our programs

Meet the Instructors of Create 30

Sam Matla

Sam Matla is the founder & director of EDMProd & Create 30.

He’s been producing music for 12+ years and is passionate about helping other artists and producers optimize their workflow and creative habits to achieve their goals faster than they think is possible.

Sam is also the author of the popular Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity.

Aden Russell

Aden Russell is an accomplished producer and general manager at EDMProd & Create 30. 

He has over 10 years of music production experience, and currently releases drum & bass under the alias Artsea. 

He’s also created two of our most popular courses: Breakthrough Sound Design and Drums By Design.

Luca Bade

Luca Bade is our in-house student success manager.

He’s also an experienced artist and producer releasing music under his BADEO alias. Beyond that, he’s co-founded a record label and plays multiple instruments.

If you’re a fan of our YouTube channel, you’ll know Luca is also an excellent teacher. 

Ready to level up?



Create 30 – September Cohort

An immersive 30-day sprint

We offer a 100% money back guarantee until day 7 of the class if you don’t like it

Got questions?

A song idea is not a full song, but it’s also not something as basic as a melody or drum loop.

It’s a fully-fledged idea that can be easily developed into a full song. Somewhere around 8 to 16 bars in length, with a few key instruments and elements (drums, melody, chords, bass—depending on the genre you’re making). 

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you define a song idea. The only real constraint is that you make something every day, and you spend no more than 60 minutes on it. 

Create 30 is an extremely valuable experience (not a “course”), and for this price, we believe the results you get will exceed your expectations.

For less than $10/day, you’re getting access to:

  • Lifetime access to 4 educational modules (to help you become an idea generation machine)
  • 8 live video calls (2x per week for the duration of the cohort)
  • Lifetime access to the video call recordings
  • The accountability to take action and build up an amazing library of song ideas
  • A self-selecting community of highly motivated artists and producers (potentially lifelong friendships too).

But most importantly, you’re getting the intangible benefit of extreme creativity. The feeling of accomplishment, of being in flow, and of levelling up your craft. That’s something money can’t buy.

Not every music creator has hours to spare each day.

That’s why we’ve kept Create 30 simple.

You’ll spend no more than 60 minutes each day working on your song idea.

Yes, it will require consistent effort and maybe some adjustments in your schedule, but the benefits gained from this habit are powerful.

Outside of the daily work creating a song idea, there are optional live group calls twice per week as well as the self-paced curriculum.

If you know absolutely nothing about music production, we recommend starting with a course like EDM Foundations first.

However, if you’ve been producing for a few weeks or months and understand the basics, then making 30 ideas in 30 days is an extremely powerful way to learn and improve rapidly.

We recommend this to artists and producers of any skill level.

While we try our best to accommodate for multiple timezones, we know it doesn’t work for everyone.

That said, we record each and every live video session so you can watch back later.

If you need a question answered, you can always ask one of us in the community platform, or send one in advance of the video call so we can answer on there (for you to watch during the recording).

We plan to run these cohorts every few months, but can’t guarantee when the next one will be.

If you really can’t make it this time, no worries. If you’re sitting on the fence, join!

We offer a full 100% money back guarantee up until day 7 of the class if you don’t like it. Just send us an email at [email protected] 

Join us for the September sprint

And three EXTRA bonus courses
(available until the timer runs out)


Producer Mindset Mastery

This program will help you develop a rock-solid creative mindset and framework for rapidly developing music production skills. If you find it hard to finish music, be creative, or you just face resistance every time you sit down to make something—this is for you. 

(Coming July 31st)

The Remixing Masterclass

Remixing has traditionally been seen as “easier” than producing originals. This isn’t always true. There’s an art to producing a great remix that few producers talk about, until now. This 6-module masterclass will run you through all you need to know.

The 10-Day Song Finishing Plan

Can’t finish anything? Work too slowly? The 10-Day Song Finishing Plan is a proven framework that helps you come up with an idea, then take it to completion within 10 days. If you need a blueprint, this is it. 

Launch bonuses end July 9 at 11:59pm PDT


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