When and How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Full Disclosure: I am a co-founder of a design firm that focuses on cover art and logo design for musicians. All views expressed here are totally representative of the views of Mocktail LLC and should be taken as such. Why A Designer? Good music will always find a way, but more often than not, that […]

How to Create Professional String Orchestra Sounds Without Selling Your Soul

Photo Credit: www.mazintosh.es + 900.000 Views via Compfight cc Mediocre string libraries suck. The really good ones (Spitfire) are extremely expensive for individual use. That’s okay though! We can cheat by creatively sampling real orchestras that are being lead by great conductors. You won’t have the same nimbleness as with an orchestra VST, but it’s […]

Drum Tips From 6 Talented Drum & Bass Producers

Drum and Bass

Check out our mega guide for producing DnB Drums are a big part of dance musicโ€”maybe the biggest partโ€”because they tell dancers what to do. In Drum & Bass, drum programming and processing can make or break a track, so nailing your break is essential. Here’s what a handful of talented DnB producers say about […]

A Holistic Approach to Artist Branding and Social Media


Your music is solid, or at least getting there. You practice your DJing and mixing skills on the regular, and you’re making somewhat of a name in your local scene (you are building up a local scene, right?) While you probably won’t be the next Deadmau5, you think your upcoming EP could really put you […]